CoLo is driven by the belief that the future of work is social, and that means a shift away from B2C or B2B, and a shift towards H2H, human-to-human connections. CoLo’s very own Culture Engine is a tool that helps guests and hosts make those connections, allowing guests to find their tribe, no matter where they are in the world, and allowing hosts to become a part of a global coworking community, focused on sharing learnings and growing together.

Building Coworking Communities through H2H Connections

With 40% of the global workforce predicted to be freelance by 2020 - it’s no longer just a matter of where you work, but also who you work with. Humans inherently want to work with other humans, but not just any humans - they want to work within a community of likeminded people, and they want to work within a space where they feel comfortable.

On the flipside, the topic of ‘building a community’ is perhaps one of the most talked about in the coworking industry, with many owners, operators and founders wondering, how can I build a community within my coworking space, that embraces and showcases how diverse my community really is?

At CoLo we believe the future of work is social, and we’ve developed a tool that reinforces this movement. Introducing the Culture Engine - a tool that is totally unique to CoLo, and new to the coworking industry.

Put simply, the Culture Engine is a matching tool that connects people to people, people to workplaces, and most importantly, people to communities, from all around the world. Community is the neighbourhood we work within, and CoLo is here to make sure you have the best neighbours possible!

How Does it Work

The Culture Engine is two-part tool. The first part involves personality based questions to determine your working personality. The second part asks working environment based questions, which are answered each time you’re searching for a new space.

Then, using our active-social-focused triangle, plot where you sit on the map, e.g. if you’re looking for a buzzing workspace, with hustle and bustle, plot the point closest to the social corner.

Once the Culture Engine gets to know you, it can match your individual score, against the amalgamation of the spaces within the CoLo community.

Our CoLo hosts and their existing community members also complete a similar set of questions, to give the Culture Engine a match reference. The existing community will also plot where they believe their space sits on the social-active-focused triangle, then the results are averaged to one point which will represent the space’s overall environment style. Then, once you put all that good stuff together, the guest’s answers are compared against the community’s average score, as a percentage, and the greater the percentage, the closer the match. Simple.

Why Culture Is Important


Whether they are digital nomads, freelancers or remote workers, most CoLo guests are people who are constantly on-the-go, but with CoLo, guests can work from multiple coworking spaces, from one seamless account. Plus, when you’re constantly moving from one space to another, it can be difficult to ground yourself, and feel at home in the space that you’re in. With CoLo’s Culture Engine, our guests feel connected to their working community, before they’ve even set foot in the door.

Our guests go into a space knowing what to expect, and knowing that they’ll be working alongside like-minded humans. From there, it’s all about meeting new people, growing their networks and making friendships within an awesome community of humans. Connecting through CoLo gives guests the ability to travel the world, and work from a diverse range of spaces, and even at a moment’s notice.


From our nine years of experience operating and managing coworking spaces, we know the importance of getting the right people through the door. For our hosts, CoLo provides the platform for attracting awesome humans who will gel with the existing community, and contribute their own value to it too, allowing our host to build upon their workplace culture and grow a thriving community.

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