Kayla Greenville and Brian Berneman, Founders of Conscious Action New Zealand. Residents of The Workshop, Auckland.

In our latest community shoutout, we chat to Kayla and Brian who recently started Conscious Action, a positive community bringing awareness to the way we are leading our lives as individuals, as a collective and as a planet. They answer a few of our questions about starting Conscious Action, as well as why they love coworking so much.

In a nutshell, what’s Conscious Action about?

Conscious Action is a conscious community, raising awareness and inspiring meaningful action. We are all about:

  • Connecting with likeminded people.
  • Collaborating to come up with inspiring ways to live more consciously.
  • Celebrating the impact of individuals, and their contributions to the collective.
Kayla Greenville, amazing co-founder of Conscious Action.

How are you inspiring people to take action?

Through interaction we aim to come up with achievable actions we could take… and through connection we share and celebrate the ones already being taken — big or small.

Our online community goes the extra mile as a space where we can keep each other accountable and also share, and celebrate, our impact.

And our events are all about bringing people together in a fun and inspiring environment. What goes on at each event is always different, diverse and unique to its theme.

How was the idea born?

Conscious Action was born from a desire to do more. We were attending events around Auckland that were doing a great job at raising awareness or educating around issues but seemed to lack any real call-to-action.

We want people to leave our events feeling inspired and empowered to make changes in their lives that hopefully in turn impact their communities.

What makes Conscious Action stand out from the crowd?

We are based on values and sustainability instead of profitability. Our personalities and ways of being are an extra factor for our project.

We want to run our project the way we would like every business to work, always striving to do the best with the resources and knowledge available.

Conscious Action co-founder Brian Berneman, planning their next epic event ‘Let’s Talk Rubbish’

What do you love about co-working at The Workshop?

The Workshop is not only our ‘office’ but also where we are running some of our events. Since seeing the space and meeting Leigh we wanted to be part of this space. It gives us a place where we can connect with others, harness on the power of collaboration and have ‘things’ going on around us to keep us going!

Also, it is a beautiful space where we can have meetings with our partners and speakers for the events.

It is wonderful being part of the beginning stage of the Workshop and see its transformation day by day.

How do we find you?

Follow us on the gram’ and keep up to date with us on Facebook!

Check out their next event at The Workshop ‘Let’s talk rubbish’ featuring Alex Magaraggia (Ecoware Food Packaging), Josephine Rawstorne (Method Recycling) and Peter Ralph (Reclaim recycling). The event will talk about composting, recycling and how our shopping habits have an impact on our environment.

Find out more and RSVP to the event here!

Kayla and Brian will be taking the discussion to Wellington and Christchurch later this year as well, so keep an eye out! We’ll make sure we keep you up to date with any future events.

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