In this edition of People of Coworking we chat to Charlotte Simsar, Founder of KiwiEh and resident of The Workshop, Auckland. KiwiEh was born from a desire to bring some original and humoristic flavour in the kiwi tourism industry.

Tell us a little about yourself

I am Charlotte, the catalyser of KiwiEh. Originally from France, I love opportunities where I can mix my love of drawing with my facetious personality and my admiration for this beautiful country that I have decided to call home.

Moving to New Zealand, there were quite a few things that struck me and made me laugh, including watching Kiwi kids play in mud bare foot in the middle of winter. I am not the only foreigner here who has smiled upon these discoveries. That’s why I decided to highlight these experiences that make NZ unique using simple cartoon-like illustrations in collaboration with a French illustrator who splits her time between France and NZ.

Depicting realistic NZ experiences with a good humour twist printed on postcards and prints is not only popular with tourists but Kiwis themselves who can totally relate as well.

What’s KiwiEh all about?

We like to highlight the lifestyle and cultural things that make New Zealand unique, using simple but humorous illustrations in postcard and A4 formats.

We have six illustrations on offer right now and will be releasing our summer edition soon, with a few more designs. I’m so excited about this!

KiwiEh is also planning on extending our range in the future with prints on other mediums.

How was the business idea born?

When traveling to see my mum who lives in Normandie, France, I discovered these funny postcards that would describe the Normandie region in an ironic way. I would always bring back a couple to pin on my wall because I found them hilarious.

My mum came for a visit last December and brought back some more postcards. From there I thought, “How about taking this funny concept to New Zealand?” Basically, I’ve taken the same recipe but enhanced it with pure Kiwi flavour.

What do you think makes your business stand out?

The postcard market in New Zealand is just very old and shabby. Check out any gift shop, and you’ll start to wonder how some postcards on the shelves are still selling!

Nowhere in New Zealand can you find postcards that are both creative and convey a humorous message. Anyone who has lived or spent a bit of time in New Zealand can identify with the KiwiEh playful illustrations.

Our cards are also printed on FSC certified paper. When KiwiEh expands, we plan to actually engage in environmental initiatives (planting a tree for every product sold, for example).

What do you love about coworking at The Workshop?

“There are special, calming vibes that come out of this special place, which provides great opportunities to focus and be productive.”

And the people. I just love the variety of backgrounds of the people who work from there, and the collaboration and connections that come out of this. I love the opportunity of working with like-minded people who share similar values.

Any upcoming events we keep on our radar?

KiwiEh will be at the General Collective market on the 5 Nov in Greenlane, Auckland, and the Crafternoon Tea market on the 2 Dec in Mount Eden, Auckland. See you there!

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