CoLo’s tips & tricks on how to take better photos of your space - so easy you can do it on your smartphone.

First impressions count, so taking the time to shoot quality photos of your space is incredibly valuable. Having great photos will mean more impressions, more interest and more bookings for your space. Here are our top tips for shooting great photos of your space, effortlessly.

Showcase Your People

Community is at the heart of everything we do, and people are at the heart of our community so it makes sense to showcase them. Think about what words you use to describe your space - if it’s collaborative, show us a photo of people working on a project. If you’re space is social, show us people chatting and socialising. Make sure you check with your people before publishing their photo!

Unique Features

With 2,500 coworking spaces expected to open this year, showcasing your uniqueness has become more important than ever. Let guests know what’s unique about your space through your photos. Think about an area, event or even a piece of furniture that’s particularly special to your community or space, and photograph it.

Lighting, Composition & Editing

  • Natural light is best - natural light generally gives a better image but it also resonates with people’s biophilia - “the idea that humans have a natural instinct to want to be closer to nature” whether it be by being in natural sunlight or in a greenhouse type area. Ideally, you want soft-lighting so early mornings or late afternoons are generally the best times to shoot. To avoid dark photos, focus your camera away from the windows.
  • Perspective - shooting into or from a corner, rather than flat onto a wall, creates dimension within the photo and gives a more realistic impression of your space.
  • Composition - think about the rule of thirds to create balanced, aesthetically pleasing images.
  • Editing - don’t be afraid to edit photos. Most phones have editing built-in otherwise you could use a free apps like VSCO, GIMP or Pixlr. When in doubt, slap an Instagram filter on it - our favourite filter is Amaro. The main thing here is to keep it consistent, so pick a filter that will go the distance and work with any photo.

Add & Remove

Pointing and shooting is fine if you’re time poor, but if you do have the time, we suggest framing up your shot, then thinking about what you could add or remove. Removing clutter will make the image clearer, whereas adding a cup of coffee or a pile of books can create character and a sense of homeliness in the photo.

Mix It Up

Just like the diversity of people in your space, you want diversity in your images. Mix it up between wide-angle, birds-eye view, candid people or furniture. Diversity is key!

Think Outside the Space

The location of your space is often just as important to our guests. Whether you’re located in the heart of the city, or the depths of the jungle, taking photos of cafes, scenery or events on nearby gives guests some context of the space.

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