CoLo is on the hunt for incredible creative spaces, workspaces and communities, from all around the world, to join us as we build upon our global coworking community. Whether you’re a well-established coworking space, or a little café with some empty space to spare - we want to connect with you.

There are over 11,300 coworking spaces globally and the marketplace is predicted to grow a whopping 30% this year alone. The market is noisy, but lonely considering that only 1 in 4 spaces is profitable, and that over 5000 are operating at a mere 50% of capacity. That’s a lot of empty desks, but more worrying is that gaping hole that’s left in the existing communities, and that’s where CoLo comes in.

Our Roots

An initiative of BizDojo - one of the first 250 coworking spaces in the world - CoLo is a platform designed to connect people with incredible workspaces and communities, all around the world. By doing so, CoLo helps coworking hosts unleash the potential of underutilised office space, contribute to a global coworking community, and foster human-to-human connections in an increasingly digital world. Our mission with CoLo is all about sharing our learnings with creative workspaces around the world, and to in doing so, building meaningful connections between them worldwide.

CoLo is built on years of knowledge and experience - over nine years, in fact - so we know the challenges that come with running a coworking space and managing a community, because we’ve been there. We’ve experienced, first-hand, the magic that happens when you get the right people through your door.  

Finding Your Tribe

The feeling of belonging is one of the primary drivers of humankind, and with people constantly on-the-go, human-to-human connections can be much harder to come by. We help people find their tribe, and feel grounded, no matter where they are, by integrating our Culture Engine - a tool that is totally unique to CoLo, and new to the coworking industry.

Our Culture Engine is built to create meaningful connections that go beyond simply connecting workers with a desk, because the Future of Work is Social, and that means facilitating H2H (human-to-human) connections has become a huge need. Once our Culture Engine learns about our guest, their personality and their spatial preferences, the algorithm will connect the guest with a host community, that will suit their wants and needs.

Community Comes First

CoLo puts community at the heart of what we do, so we want to showcase the workspaces that do the same. Listing your space on CoLo will give you exposure to an incredible community of freelancers, digital nomads and remote/mobile workers from all around the world.

At the end of the day, a coworking space is still a business, that needs constant care and attention. While we can help develop your community, CoLo can also make it easy for you to unlock the financial potential of your space too. We take care of the invoicing, the admin of connecting guests with hosts and we pay for the annoying credit card fees, and we do it all so that you can get back to business. What’s even better, is there is no joining fee or subscription required with CoLo, so you can jump right in and get started (seriously, you could join right now).

Being a part of a global community, means being there during the hard times and the good. CoLo is here to support your space throughout the entire process, and that includes consistently working to help develop your community by creating connections and facilitating relationships that help build on your existing networks.

Sound like something you want to be a part of?

(1) Connect with our team - we’re a friendly bunch at CoLo and we’d love to learn more about your space and your community

(2) Check out our Host page to learn more about payments, profiles, and our Culture Engine and,

(3) Join our beta community to stay up-to-date with the CoLo journey.

Our CoLo team is constantly on the search for incredible creative spaces, workspaces and communities, from all around the world. We unlock workspaces from all around the world because we believe that creativity has no borders and so accessing the spaces to nurture it shouldn’t either.

If you’re keen to join our global CoLo community, get in touch with us today.

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