What the Coworking Unconference Asia is, what it means for the future of work, and what we’ll be bringing to the table.

The countdown is on for CUASIA2017, in Chiang Mai Thailand! For those that don’t know, CUASIA is an incredibly valuable opportunity, whether you’re a coworking operator, member or whether you’re just curious about the sharing economy and how people connect from all over the world. The team and I have been to the past two years of CUASIA in Bali, and have seen the super-powerful CUASIA community in action. These conferences hold a unique power that peels back coworking to the core, in order to understand where and how work is changing and to understand where it’s going to go.

This year, the Coworking Unconference will focus on Creative Convergence and the intersection of work. The past two years of CUASIA saw hundreds of participants, from over 30 countries, including coworking space operators, real estate companies, workplace futurists, digital nomads and a like. As for us - these last two years, have seen BizDojo embark on an epic journey, focused on codifying our ‘secret sauce’ that we’ve been refining for the past eight years.

Today, BizDojo is arguably one of the best coworking communities, anywhere in the world, with an incredibly diverse mix of people, all working on things that matter to them, and helping each other unleash their potential.

What we’ve realised on this journey, is that as the world goes digital, and as people travel more and more, there is an increasing need for platforms that allow people to connect with real people and find their tribe - no matter where they are in the world.

People inherently want to be (whether that means work, live or play) with other humans, who understand them, who know what they’re about, and who make them feel like they are a part of their tribe, and that cna be a challenge if you’re constantly on-the-go.

Whether you’re a CEO or a budding entrepreneur - it’s important, as you move through the entrepreneurial journey, to stay connected with the spaces, and more importantly, the communities of people that support you and your business to thrive, and present you with opportunities of creative convergence. And that’s the whole idea behind CoLo. CoLo is a platform that allows people to find meaningful connections to communities and workspaces from all around the world.

The team behind CoLo has been working flat-tack to get the app ready for soft launch, right here at CUASIA2017. In fact, our journey of rapid growth has already begun, with our search to recruit 100 Global CoLo Ambassadors and our first 1000 beta guests, already underway.

It’s an incredible opportunity to not only attend CUASIA2017 but to also be a sponsor of theevent that’s at the forefront of the coworking movement. Jonah, Lachlan and I are massive fans of the dialogue surrounding the evolution of work, and we’re big believers in how the future of work is social. We have a huge interest in developing tools like CoLo, that will make that journey easier as the future of work evolves.

This will be our third time at CUASIA and we couldn’t be more proud to represent our community from Aotearoa. I’m looking forward to connecting with everyone, sharing the journey and embarking on this next leg together.

Join keynote speaker, @lachlansloan

 for his talk The Future of Work is Social from 12:00 - 12:15, CU Asia Day 1.

Join Nick Shewing for the Coworking Spaces are the Future of Learning on CU Asia Day 1 from 16:30 - 17:15.

Can’t make it to CUASIA2017? Follow @nickshewing on Twitter and LinkedIn, jump in on our journey on Storify, and get in on the conversation using #CUASIA2017.

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