CoLo’s journey from Wellington to the World, and what we’ll be bringing to GCUC 2017.

In just a couple of days, our team will take on the USA to launch our latest venture, CoLo, at the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC), in New York City.

GCUC (pronounced ‘juicy’)is the biggest coworking conference series in the world, that welcomes everyone from coworking newbies to well-established global players.

This year’s unconference, hosted in the Big Apple, will be an incredible opportunity to explore every element of coworking, from location, design, branding and community building. As the GCUC team explain - coworking has become a household name, and so the GCUC events are all about getting ahead of the game and defining the future of work.

Our platform CoLo, is BIG on defining the future of work and is built on the belief that The Future of Work is Social. CoLo is a digital platform that matches guest workers with host communities and workspaces all around the world.

Using a custom-designed Culture Engine, CoLo learns about a guest’s working style, personality and wants/needs in a space - all to ensure the Culture Engine can connect you, not only to a desk, but to a community where you feel like you truly belong.

Born in Wellington, New Zealand - the coolest little capital in the world - CoLo is centered on community and creating a sense of belonging - an element that is especially key in an increasingly digital world.

It's no surprise that human beings inherently want to connect with other human beings, and in a place as compact and close-knit like Wellington, you feel like you’re always a part of something.

Officially launching this May, at GCUC NYC 2017, CoLo will bring that sense of belonging to every corner of the world, using its marketplace platform that connects digital nomads, freelancers and remote workers to curated, international communities.

Built on Experience

CoLo knows community, inside and out, but a lot of it rapid growth and success is thanks to the experience of its founders - Nick Shewring and Jonah Merchant.  

Nick & Jonah have nine years of knowledge and experience that has come from owning and operating one of the best curated coworking spaces in the world that is BizDojo.

BizDojo is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to design-led thinking and ongoing experimentation, focused on redefining the ‘recipe’ for the perfect coworking space. It’s a process that requires an inspect-and-adapt approach, resulting in continual revision throughout the life of a project.

Taking on a design-led approach means subscribing to the belief that the function of the space matters more than the form, so we’re constantly asking ourselves, how does this provide value to our community?

Having a genuine understanding of the importance of community, along with years of experience owning and operating one of the world's first 250 coworking spaces has driven the success of CoLo.

Since its beginnings in 2016, CoLo’s team has doubled, and has taken on over 2000 CoLo Brand Ambassadors from all over New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia, to advocate the CoLo brand.

Now, we're proud to be bringing CoLo to the world with an official launch at GCUC New York 2017.

Follow our New York journey by following Nick & Jonah on Twitter.

Join the conversation using #MyCoLoLife and stay up-to-date with our CoLo x GCUC Storify, Twitter & Instagram

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