When people think about remote work many of us default to that digital nomad lifestyle - some guy/gal sitting beachside working on their laptop between sipping cocktails and snapping that fire insta post. The reality for many of us is quite different, right? The truth is we’re most likely working from our home office. Don’t get me wrong, the humble home office has it’s perks but it has it also has it’s faults, and for me I needed a change. The distractions were getting the better of me and my productivity was taking a hit, but most of all i was just feeling lonely. 

Working from a cafe versus your home office

The next step for me was working from coffee shops & cafes. So what is it about coffee shops that attract people to do their work there?

  • A welcomed change of scenery
  • Food, and well, hopefully, great coffee
  • A boost in productivity - could be just me but i’m less likely to procrastinate when someone's over my shoulder.

Along with the pros there’s gonna be some cons, right? These are some of the issues i ran into:

  • Taking calls can be difficult. Working as part of a team, I found it difficult to find quiet spots to make and take calls, skype meetings etc.
  • Security - leaving your gear and going to the bathroom turns into a major life decision.
  • The WIFI - yes it’s free, but it’s lacks the consistency and is usually not the fastest.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s possible to smash out a load of work in coffee shops, I just feel like the work environment is a little too inconsistent. It also was only aiding half of my initial problem. In all my time working from cafes & coffee joints I was yet to come across the human to human connection that I was lacking from working from home.


So there I was, wandering from coffee shop to library, searching for Wi-Fi and desk space when what I was really looking for was people. The answer to my problem was simple - coworking.


Free Wifi + Coffee + Community through Coworking


Coworking spaces capture the best bits of different workspaces where freelancers and remote-workers get things done. I found the flexibility of my home office with the vibe of the coffee spots. Bring these together with an emphasis on collaboration and community building, and to put it simply, you have coworking! These are the things that make coworking the best option:

  • Meaningful social encounters - coworking gives you that social interaction you miss out on when working from home.
  • Greater motivation - productivity spikes when you’re working alongside like-minded individuals.
  • A professional venue
  • Shared resources, from office amenities to expertise from other members
  • Bang for your buck - Wifi (super fast and reliable), the coffee machine, copier and printer. The list goes on.


Coworking is a growing trend is an understatement. Each year, more and more freelancers & startups decide to share a space with like-minded professionals. There are now over 11,300 coworking spaces worldwide, with a 30% growth rate year upon year. A whopping 1.2 million humans will have worked from a coworking space by the end of the year.

So if these reasons to cowork have convinced you to ditch your home-office or local coffee spot and drop into a coworking space even if it’s just for day or two, have a nosey on CoLo. We’ve hand-picked a selection of leading coworking spaces and their communities for you to connect with. We are on a mission to find the best workspaces for anyone living the remote workstyle. So, if you are part of the new generation of workers and want to be part of a community of creatives and entrepreneurs, give it a try.


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