Celebrating rad working communities all over the globe! In this edition of community shoutout we chat to Fox & Co, a creative motion design studio based in Wellington New Zealand. Peep their showreel below, we guarantee it will impress!  

Can you give us a brief intro to what Fox & Co is all about?

We’re a creative motion design studio founded in 2015, creating design driven animation. Our clients range from local small businesses to global players to the likes of MTV. Majority of our content is used for commercial purposes, specialising in 2d and 3d animation as well as motion design and visual effects.

Other creative mediums include;

  • Network branding
  • Explainer animation

We started out developing concepts & ideas that the clients had already set in stone, only being involved with the final production. Lately we have switched towards being apart of the whole creative process, from concept to execution — it’s awesome to be apart of.

“Equipped with wild hearts and quirky charm, we craft vectors with love and push pixels on a daily basis.” — Fox & Co

What’s the story behind Fox & Co?

Fox & Co came about after experimenting with various different start up ideas. I was working out of coworking space in an incubator programme and the start up I was involved wasn’t going too well. The plug was eventually pulled, so I decided I’d go back to my roots. I’d been in the design and motion graphics industry for almost a decade, it was something I was super familiar with and, more importantly, passionate about! I’d learnt a lot through working in the startup scene, like how to grow and scale a business — everything started to fall into place and Fox & Co was established. 

Is there a specific project you guys have worked on that stands out? 


We crafted this concept from the beginning with a huge amount of creative freedom, developing the whole package from script to screen. 

What we did; Scripting, Concepting, Storyboarding, Illustration, 2D Motion Design, Animation, Sound Design! 

Peep Fox & Co’s impressive gallery or past projects here!

What gets you excited to come to work in the morning?

It’s a combination of the creative freedom we have and also the team culture — our team is like family! Everyone’s here rain or shine, genuinely happy to be apart of it all. In short, it’s the people. 

“Being apart of a small team you have such a big say in everything going on around you.” — Melissa 

What does the future look like for Fox & Co? 

The future is definitely growth, but at the same time we’re still finding our feet, establishing our strengths and weaknesses. The industry we’re a part of is young, and rapidly branching off into different directions. A similar sized company to ours could be solely focussed on VR content, or interactive design for example. We’re still in the process of figuring out the route we want to take. Only time will tell but it’s a exciting position to be in.

“It all depends on what we find out what we love doing most, and that’s what we’ll focus on.” — Phyo
Blackboard of awesomeness 

How do you think having some extra officemates will impact your work environment?

What I loved about working in coworking environments was the ability to bounce ideas around with the community. A diverse range of people and backgrounds each with their own perspectives. Having like-minded people, not necessarily even from the same profession, through Fox & Co’s doors would emulate that special buzz. 

What are some hot tips for creatives starting out? 

“Really put yourself out there!”
  • Look out for meet ups and events
  • Sharpen up that LinkedIn profile
  • Reach out to thought leaders and influencers. 
  • Without sounding to creepy, social stalk people! We’re living in a time where it’s not out of the ordinary to send a DM on Twitter or Instagram. “Hey love your work, would love to connect! Are you free for coffee?” 
  • Put yourself in the mindset that people want to help you!

A big shoutout to Phyo & Melissa for taking time out of creating pure awesomeness and answering a few questions for us. Phyo & the rest of the pack are currently on the hunt for some like minded humans to occupy a few spare desks in their studio. If you’re looking to get those creative juices flowing and immerse yourself in an community driven work environment, Fox & Co may just be the spot for you!

Check out the studio here on CoLo. 

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