Finding the right coworking space that works for you is a super important but difficult task. There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach, the industry is booming and spaces are becoming more and more diverse. 

In only a few years ahead (2020), global coworking spaces are projected to surge to over 25,000. Deskmag 

A bonus to the sheer growth of the coworking movement, is options. There are currently over 11,300 dedicated coworking spaces worldwide- that’s a lot of spaces to choose from! So we’ve put together some key factors to consider when finding a space to suit you. 

1. Location & accessibility 

Location all comes down to convenience, so here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • How’s the commute from home? 
  • If you’re driving does the space accommodate parking? If not and the space is located in a central area, the cost of parking is something you should work into your membership costs. 
  • How easy is the space to find? For many freelancers and small businesses coworking spaces are meeting places for clients. Think about the effects of your location on your client base. 
  • What are the perks and conveniences of the surrounding area. E.g lunch spots, gyms, and bars. 

2. Facilities & Amenities 

It’s important that the space provides you with the facilities and amenities you require to maximise your productivity. For example if you’re a print designer, what is the quality of the printers like? Are they free to use? Not all spaces offer the same packages, and you may need to pay extra for particular facility so it’s a good idea to find out what comes standard. 

The holy grail of coworking facilities! 

3. Office Culture & Community

The value of meeting others and making friends with like-minded humans is a huge perk of coworking. We recommend attending events and meet-ups hosted at the space before committing to a membership. This gives you a chance to meet some of local engaged residents. Have a chat to the community manager of the space, let them know what you’re trying to get out of coworking —  it’s their mission to connect you to the right people. Finding a coworking space with a great community is the easy part, but finding a space with a community that fits you is what really matters. 

The Bridge Street Collective community members at morning tea!

4. Spatial environment 

Coworking spaces capture the best parts of different workspaces where freelancers and remote-workers get things done. Your surroundings play a huge part in level of productivity, so finding a space that caters to working style and preferences is crucial. Here some things to take into consideration when thinking about the spaces environment: 

  • Social, active & focussed areas. Does the space have areas where you can transition between different working styles or is it more catered to one? Think about spots where you can have a to chat and network, spaces to collaborate with others, and places to get your head down. 
Be honest with yourself about the kind of space you like to be in. You’ll be spending a lot of time here so it should feel like your home away from home. Cat Johnson

5. Price

The cost of the membership is something you should keep in mind. Joining a coworking space should be viewed as an investment for yourself & your business. 

  • Read the small print, make sure you understand the terms of the contract.
  • Try before you buy! Many coworking spaces offer free trials so take advantage of these offers respectfully (don’t be that guy). 
 Maximum return of value against your time and money invested should be the common goal. Innov8 coworking 
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