As a coworking space operator or community manager, there are far more important things for you to be doing than managing bookings, chasing invoices or staring at spreadsheets. Here at CoLo, we want to help you get back to the things that matter and focus on your community, so we’ve developed some super snazzy integrations that will make your life so much easier, we promise.

What are integrations?

Integrations bring together various software and tools to automate your processes. These systems are seamlessly integrated together to make things easier and faster to do. They connect one service to another so that you can cut your workload in half at least!

What is Zapier?

Zapier is the middleman that facilitates these connections and integrates your tools together. By connecting your apps and automating your workflow, Zapier allows you to focus on your most important work. Within Zapier, you can create Zaps, which are the integrations. An example of a zap may be that when you get an email, it will automatically save the attachments to Dropbox, and then notify you in slack about the new Dropbox file. Something that would take you 3 manual steps before, now is done in 1 without you having to lift a finger. We’ve created three CoLo Zaps like this to make all of your coworking management dreams come true!

CoLo Payment Zap

Tracking payments have never been easier. The CoLo payment Zap triggers when a user is charged for a booking. Connect this to your favourite accounting software like Xero to generate invoices, track transactions and more!

CoLo New Community Member Zap

Onboarding new residents can be a super boring, manual process, but not anymore. When a new community member is added to CoLo, use this Zap to add them to CRMs, mailing lists and more to streamline that process to perfection!

CoLo Booking Zap

If you find keeping track of bookings a bit of a chore, the booking Zap is here to save the day. When a new booking comes through, use this integration to notify the team, add them to your marketing funnel, or other fun things!

Setting Up the Zaps

From your host dashboard, you’ll see a beautiful button in the bottom left that says “add integrations.” Press this, select your space from the dropdown, copy the key and hit “Go to Zapier.” From there you’ll just need to sign in or register for a Zapier account and you’re ready to get zapping! Use the key you copied from your dashboard and it’s as easy as that! 

If you’ve got any questions or issues with getting your Zaps going, get in touch and we’ll help to get you on your way. 

There are heaps more fun features like this in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share with you. We hope that you love the Zapier integrations as much as we do, and if there are any other features you’d love to see in CoLo, let us know!

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