Everyone loves a good bargain. If people can save money they will, so a discount is always a welcomed gift. Discounts are also great for business! Whether it’s attracting customers or increasing sales, there are loads of benefits to offering a discount, and now you have the power to offer these to your coworking community!

The Value of Discounts

By offering a discount, firstly you give people the chance to try out your space without the usual financial commitment. Customers who may be cautious or unsure about spending the full amount before being fully convinced, will have an easier time clicking the book button if they’re getting a good deal. 

Giving your space a go for the first time may also open the eyes of your guests to the magic of coworking. We know that the coworking experience is amazing, but they might not! Want to share its benefits and introduce it to the world? A discount might be the way to go! If they’ve tried it once, they’ll surely want to try it again, and your space will be the first place they’ll turn!

This is a great way to get leads and keep people coming back. Once these customers have tried your space and fallen in love, they’re on your database and a part of your community. Now you can send them follow up emails, engage them on social media and bring them back into your space. Converting leads into new community members is super easy when you’re offering sweet discounts!

Different Discounts

There are a couple of different ways that you can discount your plans with CoLo, depending on the promotion you want to run and how you want it to work. 

Fixed dollar

Using a fixed dollar discount means that you can offer $10, $20, $30 or however much you like off the total booking cost. 


Discounts offering a percentage off work similarly in that you can select the percentage amount you want to discount, but the dollar amount the customer saves will vary depending on the total booking cost. 

Creating Discounts

As a host, it’s super easy to create discounts for your space or spaces! First step is to navigate to the handy discounts tab in your host dashboard. From there, simply choose your discount code or generate a random one and which plans you want it to apply to. Maybe you’re creating a discount for your new space, or you’re after a code that applies to them all — either way, you’re good to go!

Next is choosing what type of discount you want to offer and how much — is it a fixed dollar amount or a percentage discount? And how much of a discount do you want to give? $10? $20? 50%? 10%? The choice is yours!

You can then select whether there are any limits to your discount. Is it one per person, or can they use it as many times as they want? Do you want to offer this limited discount to the first 100 people, or is it unlimited? You can experiment with these to create different campaigns whenever you like!

Last options are the dates that people can apply your code between. Set the start and end date for your promotion, or leave it blank if it can always be used. 

Now the only thing left to do is share the code with your customers, residents and guests! Flick them an email, share it on social media or put it up in your space and watch the CoLo bookings come rolling in!


We’re super excited to now be able to offer discounts as part of CoLo and we hope you’ll get some amazing use out of them. So go out, get creative and start those campaigns!

If you’ve got any questions about setting up discounts, please get in touch! And if you’ve got any requests for other features, let us know!

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