We realise that sometimes there’s more to bookings than just a name. We’re so excited to introduce our newest feature for coworking hosts, the booking information dialogue!

Whether you need to check information before you approve a booking, want some more details before your guest arrives, or are after some clarity later on down the track, this new feature has you covered. 

Now, on both your dashboard and bookings page, you’ll see an INFO button next to each person. Tap this and you’ll see the wonderful new dialogue full of helpful information for you to use at any time. Here’s the info you’ve got on hand now and how it might help you:

Booking Date

At the top of the dialogue you’ll see when the booking was made. This can be super handy if anything goes wrong, or you need to know this for reporting.

Profile Information

Here you’ll see who made the booking, their photo and their role. This means that when they arrive at the front desk, you can recognise them, greet them with their name, and already be able to connect them with like-minded people in similar industries. We’ll soon be adding their company name to this too!

Work Preference

When guests book through CoLo, they input their work preferences onto our environment triangle. We’re sharing this with you so that when they arrive, you know if they’re here to socialise, focus, or a bit of both, and tailor their experience in your space accordingly!

Space History

If someone is a first time visitor to your space, you’re probably going to give them different information than someone who has been there a thousand times. Now you can see how many days they’ve visited your space and the day they first joined and give them the right experience at the right time!

Booking Dates

Obviously it’s pretty important to know when someone will be arriving and how long they’re here for. We’ll show you the start and end dates for each booking and whether it’s recurring or not.

Booking Details

In order to show people to the right seat when they arrive, you need to know what seat they’ve paid for and what else they need. Here you can see what plan they’ve chosen, how many they need, if they’ve requested any add-ons, and what those are. So when they arrive, you know exactly what they need and can have it all prepared before they walk in the door.


Confused about how the numbers all add up? Now you won’t be. You can see exactly what each booking includes, what each element costs and whether discount codes were applied. You’ll see a total price, as well as an itemised break down of what that includes.

Approval History

We’re now giving you the ability to see who invited or approved each person’s booking. If you’ve got a question, you can save time sending Slack messages back and forth to find out who to chat to, it’s right there!

Approval Actions

If the booking hasn’t yet been approved, you’ve got the tools at your fingertips to make that happen. With all the information there for you, all that’s left to do now is approve the booking!

4We’re really excited about this latest update, because we believe that giving you the tools to understand each booking and the human behind them, will facilitate better experiences for both you and your guests. 

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on this new feature, as well as any others you’d like to see, so please let us know!

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