Sometimes when you’re coworking, you need more than just a desk, there are some added bonus things that make your experience and your workday much easier. We understand this, so we built add-ons!

CoLo add-ons allow hosts to place optional extras on each of their plans, giving their guests more flexibility around their needs when they book, and it’s super easy to do!

Creating Add-Ons

As a host, you might have options for your guests to secure a locker, plug into a desktop screen, or access your space 24/7 through a swipe card. Previously, these may have been bundled into your plan’s pricing, or negotiated in confusing ways with each guest, but now, whatever your add-ons, you can manage these easier than ever. With CoLo add-ons, you will easily be able to see what each guest has requested, ensure it is ready on their arrival, and create an improved, tailored experience for each guest and their needs. 

All you need to do is click the edit button on your listing in the listings tab, navigate to step 4 (pricing) and press + add ons. Here you can specify what the add-on is, how much it costs and include a quick description of the add-on, press add, then you’re good to go! Repeat this process with each add-on, press save and your add-ons will be available to your guests!

Adding Add-Ons to Your Booking

For you guests out there, things are even easier! Now that spaces can give you the option to add super awesome, helpful things to your membership, coworking will be even better!

Once you’ve found your perfect space, simply select your plan and the available add-ons will appear! From there it’s up to you to decide what you need to make your coworking experience even easier, select those, complete your booking and you’re on your way!

We hope that this new feature will help to create more personal, tailored and enjoyable coworking experiences for everyone. As always we would love to hear your feedback on this feature, plus any other features you would like to see, so let us know here!

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