With lots of travelling involved in the life of a digital nomad, it’s essential to travel as light as possible, so it’s important to pack things that provide maximum efficiency in as little space and weight. Tech can be some of the hardest things to choose and prioritise when travelling, so we’ve compiled a list of essential technology for digital nomads*.

*CoLo is in no way affiliated with any of the mentioned products, we just like them and think you will too!


Since the majority of the work of a digital nomad is often completed online, it’s vital to have a high quality computer that is portable and efficient. Choosing something with a balance of power and portability is your best bet, so that you can crank out your best work on the go!

Our laptop of choice is the Apple MacBook Pro!

Smart Phone

If you’re exploring your latest destination, having a phone with you will make things so much easier! Quickly find the best places to eat, adventure, sleep and meet people at the touch of a button! Make sure you don’t get lost, keep in touch with people you’ve met along the way, document your trip, work on the go, and more with a powerful smart phone!

With an amazing camera, access to thousands of apps, and super speed, the iPhone 7+ is our favourite!


Sometimes it’s not guaranteed that your destination will have wifi or internet available, and if your work depends on that, you need to have a good backup! Having a 3G hotspot will give you the security of reliable internet access wherever you are. This is also great for waiting in airports or travelling on buses and trains!

Working in 64 countries, the Keepgo Lifetime Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot is a great option for staying connected wherever you are!

Power Bank

If you’re on one of those long train journeys, or not close to a power source but there’s a deadline looming, the last thing you want is to run out of battery. Give yourself some extra time with a power bank. These rechargable batteries give you the extra boost you need when you’re losing juice on your phone or other devices!

For a powerful, portable solution, give the Anker Powercore II Slim 10000mAh a go!


Sometimes when you’re working, focus mode needs to kick in, and all distractions need to fade away. Getting yourself a pair of quality noise-cancelling headphones will help you to quickly get in the zone and get stuff done. On a plane, train or in a car? Noise-cancelling headphones are also perfect for drowning out the noise around you and giving you that must-needed peace and quiet when you’re on long journeys!

We recommend the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones for extreme comfort, high quality and amazing noise-cancelling!

Universal power adapter

Travelling all around the world with all this tech can make charging things a bit complicated when each country has different power outlets! Make things a bit easier with a universal power adapter, giving you access to full power wherever in the world you happen to be!

The Skross World Travel Adapters are a great option for both plugs and USBs, and work for travellers from over 220 countries!

External Hard Drive

When you’re moving around a lot and navigating through different wifi connections, you can never be too careful with your documents. There’s nothing worse than working super hard on something and then having it corrupt or not sync right when you need it. Avoid that stress with an external hard drive so you’ll always have a backup!

For a light, thin & reliable hard drive, try the 2TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim


When you’re having so many amazing adventures, its amazing to be able to document those memories to look back on later. Getting a quality camera will ensure that your photos are picture perfect!

Mirrorless cameras give you the quality of a DSLR at the size of a compact point-and-shoot! We love the Fujifilm X-T20!


Whether you want to be learning on the go, or relaxing with a good novel, an e-reader is perfect. Avoid the hassle, extra money, wasted space and heavy weight of carrying multiple hard-copy books by storing hundreds of e-books that you can carry in your pocket!

As the thinnest and lightest kindle ever, the Kindle Oasis would make the perfect portable library!


With all these cool gadgets, you don’t want to lose them! Keep them safe with a keyring that tracks your possessions from your phone and visa versa!

The Tile Slim is as thin as two credit cards and perfect for luggage, laptops, keys, wallets and more!

These are our essentials for digital nomads! Think we’ve missed anything? What do you take with you? Let us know!

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