Calling all New Zealanders! CoLo needs your help in discovering awesome coworking spaces, creative workspaces, studios and the like, to join our community.

An initiative of BizDojo - one of the first 250 coworking spaces in the world and New Zealand’s largest coworking operator - CoLo connects remote workers, digital nomads and freelancers to unique workspaces and their communities, anywhere in the world.

CoLo is built on years of knowledge and experience - nine years to be exact - so we know the challenges that come with running a coworking space and managing a community, because we’ve been there. CoLo is designed to unleash the potential of underutilised office space, to curate a global coworking community and to foster human-to-human connections in an increasingly digital world.

The magic underpinning CoLo is our Culture Engine, which learns about our guests through a series of personality and work environment-based questions, then matches them with a suitable host. For guests, the Culture Engine means our guests go into a space knowing what to expect, and knowing that they’ll be working alongside a community of like-minded humans. And for hosts, it means bringing the right people through the door, and building upon your existing community.

We may be new but we’re ready to make some noise in the New Zealand market! That’s where you can help, by discovering places to join the CoLo community. Whether it be a tiny café out in the suburbs, or a buzzing coworking hub in the center of the city - we want to know about it!

Here are some of New Zealand’s awesome spaces who have already jumped on board team CoLo including:


By now you’ve probably got a few spaces in mind. Perhaps it’s a space you already work from, or even own! Or perhaps you’re just passionate about your city and your community and would love the opportunity to get others involved in it too.

No matter the size, location or style of your space, we want to get to know communities from every corner of New Zealand. Diversity is key - because CoLo caters to the unique wants and needs of our guests, so we need to have some equally as unique spaces to connect them with.

Become an ambassador to your space, your city and your community - get in touch with the CoLo team today!

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