We’re on the lookout for talented creatives, freelancers and storytellers who are interested in becoming Brand Ambassadors for CoLo as they travel to different coworking spaces around the world.

If this sounds like you, and you’re off somewhere exciting this year or ready to jump into the digital wild child lifestyle, then we’d love to hear from you and see if being an Ambassador for CoLo could be right for you.

About Colo & the Brand Ambassadors

CoLo is a company set on connecting good people with the best creative spaces, communities and places around the world. Whether in the depths of South East Asia, hidden along Sydney streets or somewhere unexpected – we match travelling digitals with the coworking spaces and communities that suit them best, all around the world.

Our passion is finding good culture and good communities in all sorts of places. Our unique culture engine is a free tool that matches travellers with the work spaces in their city that we think will work for them. For the most part, our travellers will usually be looking for a few key things from a space – whether as simple as finding somewhere with reliable wifi and locals with an interest in their industry, or else a relaxed atmosphere and a spot near the beach. Whatever it is they’re wanting, we do our best to find them a coworking spot that ticks all the boxes.

Our Brand Ambassadors are the folks that fall somewhere in the middle. They’re also travelling freelancers who are working out of creative spaces all over, except they’re also helping us to find the new hotspots and better understand what different communities are bringing to the table. 

They help bring people together by putting on events and parties in creative spaces as they travel and write about their experiences travelling and working remotely on the CoLo blog.

What’s in it for you?

In return for boosting the CoLo community and spreading the word about the culture engine as Brand Ambassador, we’ll be crediting your account so that you can visit creative spaces listed on CoLo all over for free. There’s also a plan at play to send semi-frequent swag your way, as well as a few other perks that we can discuss with you over Skype or in person.

On top of this, we’ll also be pushing out any content you create for us to our network of travellers and co-workers and giving you budgets to use for hosting events in different work spaces as you travel, so it’s a great way to boost your online audience and be a part of something new and growing.

What makes an ideal ambassador?

There’s a few key criterions that would make someone our ideal ambassador for CoLo:

·      You’re going places (both figuratively and literally)

·      You’re a creative/writing/photographer/videographer type with an eye for good content

·      You know a good co-working space when you see it

·      You’re an all-around people person with a love of travel

·      You’re interested in sharing your CoLo experiences with your network

That’s the base of it really. We’re flexible on some of the finer details (like where you choose to go and what you write about, because authenticity wins), and we’re probably going to evolve the role with you in time and make some stuff up as we go – but if this sounds like something you’re interested in doing, we’d be keen to talk with you about the gig.


If you’re a young creative with a love of coworking, please get in touch with us so we can chat about the details. You can leave your email with us below by filling in the form on the sign-up page (make sure that the ‘apply for’ checkbox is ticked), and then we’ll get in touch via email shortly to sort out a time to catch up and debrief.

Talk soon,

The Colo Team.

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