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CoLo connects people to amazing work places and their communities. 

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Why CoLo?

CoLo is your desk anywhere in the world. It’s our mission to connect you to a diverse range of workspaces and communities worldwide. Remote work can be lonely, we’ve been there… so let us help you find your tribe.

Work anywhere in the world

Our team have searched the globe for the most amazing workspaces so you don’t have to. Simply choose your location and reserve your desk. Yes, it’s really that easy! Creativity has no borders and we believe that accessing spaces to nurture it shouldn’t either.

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Find your community

At CoLo we believe it’s about more than just bums on seats. It’s our calling to match you with not just perfect working spaces, but with the individuals & communities that form them. With nothing out there to help us achieve this, we built the solution ourselves. Say hello to the Culture Engine! The engine combines both your personality and spatial preferences, and ranks workspaces to fit you.

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Simple to book and pay

We’ve made the whole CoLo experience effortless. Simply use the culture engine to find the right  workspace for you, apply and arrive. Transactions are instant - just add your payment information and you’re away.

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How does it work?

CoLo works on your terms. Just set your location and work preferences and we’ll do the rest.

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Where Can You Use CoLo?

CoLo is live in NZ, Australia and South East Asia. We are however on our way to where ever you are very soon. Sign up to CoLo in advance to get access to our platform to see how far we are away from launching in your city.

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