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About colo

CoLo is a platform designed to unleash the potential of underutilised office space, to curate a global coworking community, and to foster human-to-human connections in an increasingly digital world.

CoLo connects workers with unique coworking spaces and communities, from all around the world.

CoLo is built on years of knowledge and experience – nine years to be exact – so we know the challenges that come with running a coworking space and managing a community, because we’ve been there. We know coworking inside and out, and CoLo is about sharing our learnings, so that you can forget about the admin of finding new members, and get back to focusing on the stuff that matters.

The feeling of belonging is one of the primary drivers of humankind, and CoLo helps match people with the communities and spaces that make them feel connected to something bigger, and feel like they truly belong. We make that happen by using our Culture Engine – a tool unique to CoLo, and new to the office letting industry. Our Culture Engine works by creating connections that go beyond simply connecting workers with deskspace. Instead, our Culture Engine learns about you, your personality and your spatial preferences, and then works to connect you to the kinds of spaces and communities that suit your style. Whether you’re a host or a guest, becoming a part of CoLo means you become a part of a new global community. CoLo unlocks work spaces from all around the world because we believe that creativity has no borders and so accessing the spaces to nurture it shouldn’t either.

What Colo does for guests

CoLo connects you with a diverse range of workspaces and the cool communities within them, using our unique Culture Engine. Even at just a moment’s notice, CoLo can find you the spaces and communities to suit your wants and needs, no matter where you are in the world.

– Say goodbye to monthly invoices, and hello to a simple, click-and-go credit card payment system.
– Enjoy flexible plans across multiple locations
– Know you’re in safe hands.

Through our nine years of managing coworking spaces, we know coworking inside and out. Our experience and knowledge means you can trust CoLo to find the spaces and communities that work for you.


CoLo brings the right people through your door. Using our Culture Engine, CoLo finds awesome humans who will add value to your community, fill your space and pay for it too.

CoLo is a great way for you to showcase your space, to a global network of freelancers, digital nomads and mobile/remote workers.

Forget about dealing with the nit-picky admin of trying to acquire new members, or the annoying credit card fees you encounter online – CoLo makes it simple by dealing with the invoicing so you can get back to business.

Know you’re in safe hands. Through our nine years of managing coworking spaces, we know the challenges that come with it. We’re here to share our learnings with creative spaces, all over the world, to ensure our global community is learning, growing and finding opportunities together.


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