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Connect with amazing people through unique workspaces. CoLo lets you find, book and stay at different creative studios and coworking that are home to some of the most amazing creatives all around the world.

Find the right community for you by using the CoLo Culture Engine that will match you to the work community whose existing culture you will strive in most.

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COLO creates connections between remote workers and working spaces all around the world. Our unique culture engine curates a tailored match for the perfect working experience.

Find your perfect coworking community

Coworking is not just about finding a place with free Wifi. For us it is about creating opportunities to make meaningful connections with amazing individuals.

Start your coworking journey by using our Culture Engine to connect with the perfect work community given your work preferences.

It's amazing how much our ideas, inspiration and impact improved when we made the move to coworking. Being surrounded by a crew of talented individuals is a sure fire way to make good things happen fast.
Pat Shepherd
One Percent Collective
The best thing about coworking is the amount of different people I have met and the real actionable relationships I made with them. The amount of work I have gotten through coworking has really kickstart my agency.
Hollie Arnett

Easy to book and pay

Finding, booking and paying for spaces should not be hassle for yourself or the hosts, which is why we have created a super intuitive booking interface that let's take care and manage all your admin on the spot.


" The function of a community is not to fix one weaknesses but to amplify everybody's strengths."

Simon Sinek

Freedom to Explore

Explore incredible offices, coworking spaces, studios and other creative workspaces anywhere in the world. CoLo gives you the freedom to work and travel wherever you are.


We're proud to partner with


The @yorkbutterfactory, one of Melbourne’s first coworking spaces. “We pride ourselves on having the network that startups can leverage.” 🙌
It’s a coworking thing! @innov8hq “ The Google office of Dunedin”. Experience the space for yourself on CoLo 💻🙌
Nothing but good vibes down at @bizdojo’s town hall this morning! We can’t wait to see what you guys do with the space, bring on 2018 🙌
The morning coffee joint transforms into a bustling social workspace in the AM. What’s your favourite & least favourite thing about working from a cafe? ☕️💻