Become a CoLo Brand Ambassador & Make Your Mark On Coworking In Melbourne!

We are on a mission to bring awesome humans together through handpicked workspaces in Melbourne and we need your help!

  • Connect with the coolest people, places & spaces in Melbourne

  • Connect with the coolest people, places & spaces in Melbourne

  • Get creative with social media, content creation and event management

  • Join a global startup on a mission to take coworking to the next level

  • Join a global startup on a mission to take coworking to the next level

  • Be part of the future of work!

About the Brand Ambassador Role

Read below to find out more about the role or get in touch with us if you have any other questions.

What are we expecting from the relationship?

We are looking for someone that can represent CoLo in Melbourne. We are on a mission to connect creatives and entrepreneurs to each other through different workspaces and we need your help.

The role of the brand ambassador will be to create awareness about coworking and CoLo through social media and communication with spaces & guests, help us to organise and run events for digital nomads, startups and other creatives, and keep a lookout for new exciting coworking studios or creative spaces in Melbourne that would be a great fit for CoLo.

What are the rates?

There are different ways that we can compensate our brand ambassadors. The most common way is to subsidise their stays at different coworking spaces on CoLo, or an affiliate program, where the brand ambassador gets paid a referral bonus for every signup they get through a code we give them.

Going forward we will be recruiting a Host Manager and a Guest Manager for Melbourne, and it will most likely be one of the brand ambassadors that will be offered the role.

The rates for the affiliate program and roles as host and guest manager will be dependant on each candidate and be negotiated and discussed in person.

How do we choose our ambassador(s)?

We aim to meet several of our applicants in person. We may also send out a brief questionnaire if there too many applicants to get a feel for who may be most suited.

If you get an email from us that means that we are interested in meeting you and having a chat to you about the role in person.

What is next?

After you apply to be an ambassador, we will be sending you a series of emails that will help us get a better understanding of the creative and entrepreneurial scene in Melbourne and gauge interest in the role.

CoLo is then coming to Melbourne at the end of August to attend GCUC, and we hope to meet you during this time. After discussing CoLo and the role together, if both parties are keen, we will negotiate compensation and expectations in more detail and confirm your role as the CoLo Brand Ambassador in Melbourne.

We are also hosting a speaker event (like Creative Mornings or Ted Talks) about coworking, entrepreneurship and creativity, on Wednesday 23rd August which we would love our newly-appointed Brand Ambassador to attend with us.

Following our Melbourne trip, you will be invited to our Slack group for Brand Ambassador’s so that you can be in touch with us whenever needed and we will continue to work alongside you to take Melbourne by storm!

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